The EPU is a fully-Malaysian invention. It has undergone formalised and authenticated Proof-Of-Concept testings at various commercial and utility sites. The devices have now been commercialised and installed at customer locations in the Klang Valley (Phase 1).

Historically, prototypes were installed at selected factories over the past years and these are still being utilised for its efficacy.

EPU provides POWER QUALITY and clean electrical supply to all types of commercial establishments involved in production of goods or services.

This innovative device greatly reduces electrical resistance, thus heat; reactive power and surges; ensuring equipment and machineries run optimally with very little wastage.

Together with prudent energy management, the EPU will greatly reduce energy costs for any large scale commercial businesses. 

EPU provides POWER QUALITY efficiency to :

EPU assembly line.

Typical generic casing that is neat and tidy. Dedicated space required.


POWER QUALITY is a term that describes how accurately the electrical power that is supplied to appliances or equipment correlates to an ideal supply. 

Power quality issues are typically caused by deviations in the voltage, current, and frequency of a power system from ideal values.